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A History of Success:

At Naquin and Ward winning cases and awarding clients with the best possible results is what they come to work for everyday.

Their charged fee is based on what is accomplished for their respected clientele; guaranteeing their utmost attention. All consultation is free and no fee is charged unless the case is won or the injured parties make a full recovery. Obtaining a large portion of their work by referrals, they succeed in a wide variety of trials by becoming personally involved in each case and preparing for every obstacle along the way. Neither scale nor complexity of any case deters them from reaching their ultimate goal of helping those individuals in need.

Attorneys John Naquin and Aub Ward have been practicing law together since 1982 and even before then were long time friends. Establishing such a close knit relationship within the workplace has since set their law firm apart, putting them on a new level of communication and trust for each other. They know they can get the job done and can rely on the other to increase the success of each individual case. Together they operate with the same professionalism as a large firm, but with all of the personal advantages that small firms provide. They strive to create lasting relationships with their clients that permit them to efficiently evaluate all angles of their case and uphold the value their firm pledged long ago.

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