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[divider]Naquin and Ward Law Firm is dedicated to helping those injured due to the negligence of others. Our dedicated staff has seen all types of personal injury cases giving them the expertise to knowledgeably advise their clients and award them with the best results. Whether injured on the job, on the road, or through other means we are here to assist you in getting back to the things you enjoy in life. Below are listed some of our many areas of practice. If you do not see your specific injury  or case type, please call us at our offices to receive further information on all of our extensive areas of work free of charge. More information may be provided for all types of injuries, practices, and past cases.

Areas of Practice

Automobile Accidents

Accidents on the road happen everyday. Sometimes you just can't avoid them, but you can avoid going through the strenuous legal process all by yourself. Don't let the accident's injuries, bills, and legal complications bog you down with stressful payments that can be hard to make when injured. We can help you avoid being the victim twice and guide you on your road back to normalcy.
Commercial, 18 Wheeler, or Truck Accidents
Motor Vehicle accidents involving 18-wheeler tractor trailers or other commercial trucks can be some of the most dangerous types of incidents that may result in the worst of circumstances. When these accidents happen due to the negligence of the truck driver the trucker and their insurance company should be responsible for the damages to both property and person. You'll need an attorney that will fight for you and your families rights before these most heavy of circumstances causes even more suffering through the absence of the truck companies will to pay for their worker's mistakes. The injuries sustained in accidents involving commercial trucks can cause long term injuries or sometimes death of a loved one. Naquin and Ward Law Firm is there for you when these trucking companies, who typically have their own insurance companies, don't want to pay for their own negligence. We know how to handle them and have accumulated a fierce reputation for bringing justice to all parties involved in commercial truck accidents.
Highway Defects
City and State governments should be trusted to keep roads and highways safe for all passengers. When they fail to keep our streets clear of hazards they put even the most careful and reliable drivers at risk of being injured on the road. Their negligence to maintain safe pathways deserves consequences, and your suffering due to their negligence deserves answers. We have experience to help you with any type of highway defect problem and our team of experts is always on call to assist you with questions you may have. Shoulder drop off, uneven pavement, lack of signs, lack of guardrails water pooling, pot holes, objects on the roadway, construction negligence, municipal negligence, and a variety of other negligent scenarios can all be filed as highway defects. Call us today for further questions, comments, or concerns.
Maritime and Offshore Accidents
Accidents occurring off land can sometimes be difficult to deal with as the laws guiding them are many times different than those incidents occurring on land. That is why it is important for you to acquire representation with the highest level of experience in order to deal with the many laws guiding off shore incidents. We know working off shore can potentially be dangerous as it many times requires working with heavy moving machinery, o platforms raised to great heights, outside in the heat, and may become more complex due to wave action. For more information on specific case types we deal with or on the Acts governing maritime and offshore accidents please call us today.
Plant Explosions
Workers in the industrial sector face hazards and dangerous environments everyday. The constant fear of an explosion or fire hazard keeps all staff working at the utmost level of professionalism as the safety of their coworkers depends on this. When explosions happen they are many times the result of the employers or employees failing to maintain the equipment and machinery properly. The machinery used in plants is very complicated and must be inspected as well as maintained intensely by highly trained individuals before operations proceed, especially due to the heavy use of toxic and flammable materials used in the daily work routine. Something as small as a the end of a cigarette can produce a small fire that spreads out of control due to flammable materials in the work area, causing a slew of serious life threatening injuries. The attorneys at Naquin and Ward are largely familiar with the operations of a plant, and have further experience in representing many clients who have been laid victim to these horrific accidents. Survivors of plant explosions are cared for with the utmost respect as are the families of those who have lost loved ones in any plant explosion incident. We know how it feels to have little resources for help in these debilitating situations and want to secure a future for those negatively affected by negligence in the work place. Injuries can range from burns of all degrees, broken bones, and crushing injuries from falling debris. Call us today for free consultation on any injury sustained in a plant explosion.
Burn Injury
Burn injuries can be some of the most painful and enduring injuries any person may face. Heat, radiation, chemicals, and electricity can cause a burn injury and each type of burn is unique in nature. Whether it is a first, second or third degree burn the repercussions are likely to be dramatic. The possibilities of physical disfigurement along with the psychological damages from the incident, potential addictive problems caused by the use of multiple prescribed pain medications, and allotted time spent in rehabilitation all add up to an increased amount of stress. The bills associated with these problems are another large sum adding to the trauma of an already stressful situation. You deserve support in these times so that you can get back to your life one step at a time. We can help you bear the burden of medical bills, medical care, lost wages, and make sure your maximum settlement is justly allotted to the victim and their family. Contact us to talk with any of our attorneys for zero cost to ensure you are able to attain fair treatment for your injuries.
Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic brain injury is any shock or blow to the head that may cause the brain to dysfunction. These injuries can lead to a great deal of confusion, feelings of doubt, and high costs for medical bills. They can occur in a multitude of situations and many victims sometimes struggle to perform daily tasks leading them, along with their loved ones, even further into a state of frustration. It is during these most pressing of times that the attorneys at Naquin and Ward come through for their clients because they fully understand as well as have dealt with the pains associated with this most devastating of injuries. They know the ins-and-outs of such cases and will fight with everything they have to make sure you get a full recovery. Please contact us today for more information regarding traumatic brain injury.
Spinal Cord Injury
Victims of accidents can sustain a variety of types of spinal cord injuries. Too often these injuries can result in nerve damage, paralysis, or even death. A slipped disc, disc tear, bulging disc, ruptured disc, herniated disc, collapsed disc, or disc degeneration are just a few of the many types of spinal cord injuries one may attain. The most common injuries occur at the lumbar (back) or cervical (neck) intervertebral discs, although injuries may also be sustained in the thoracic spine (mid-back) region of the spinal cord. Our attorneys are professionals at evaluating cases where people have sustained both neck and/or back injuries. These injuries often result with serious consequences and require the personal attention that our law firm provides. We can be your guiding light on the road to recovery for this most serious of injury types making sure you both physically and mentally reach the state you were in prior to your incident. If you have sustained injuries of this nature through no fault of your own or due to the negligence of others please contact the law offices of Naquin and Ward today for free consultation.
Wrongful Death
No one can ever replace the ones you hold dearest to your heart. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when their lives were cut short through no fault of their own. Often times the emotional toll is just as heavy as the financial burdens their death may cause, and the bills keep pilling up. Whether due to an accident on the road, a mishap in the workplace, medical malpractice, a defective product, or by other means the defending parties should be held responsible for their own negligence. Not only will this help you and your family, but could potentially save others from going through the same tragic scenario. We take the wrongful death of a family member as seriously as a tragedy in our lives. We will make sure that no matter what the cause of wrongful death that the powers held responsible will grant you the full entitlements you are owed. No one can ever replace your loved ones, but we can help you get back to a sense of peace that can allow you to start restoring the gap in your heart this tragic event has ensued. Feel free to contact us at our offices for any questions you may have regarding wrongful death.
Unconstitutional or Negligent Police Action
The actions taken by the police force directly reflect upon our government. They are there to protect and serve the citizens of our beautiful country, and should be held responsible if they do not uphold this pledge. As citizens we all have rights and when those rights are infringed upon, even by our own government, we deserve a fair answer to make up for these rights being stolen from us. Many scenarios such as police brutality, police negligence along with unlawful search and seizure, just to name a few, can all classify as unconstitutional police action. Do not let your rights be taken away from you. Keep yourself safe with the comfort of knowing you are protected by you local and state governments. Call us today if you feel you have recently fallen victim to any sort of unconstitutional or negligent police action.
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice refers to a healthcare providers misconduct or medical negligence that results in personal injury. In Louisiana, medical malpractice is a legal term of art referring to a claim of negligence brought against a medical healthcare provider. Many times these injuries can be serious arising from surgical errors, premature hospital release, misdiagnosis, and improper prescription just to name a few case types. You need an attorney that understands medical related issues as well as the legal procedures involved in bringing and prosecuting a medical malpractice claim as these claims can often times turn complex. Injuries are sometimes not discovered till long after medical treatment. Also, before a claim can be filed it must be evaluated by a medical review panel that in Louisiana is comprised of three doctors with experience in the practice area of the alleged malpractice suit. Naquin and Ward have dealt with these cases before, know how the legal system works, and have medical experts at their side that assist them in understanding all of the details of the case. If you think you may have been negatively affected by medical malpractice call us today to start getting answers.
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